My Story

“There has to be a better way.”

Those were my words one morning as I frantically ran around the house, trying to get my daughter ready for school while my son cried from his high chair and my papers lay ungraded on the kitchen table for the fourth straight day. A newly single mom, I was working outside of the home full-time with two small children to support on my own. I knew there had to be a better way. I began searching the Internet for job ideas I could do from home.

As I searched, I found out that there were more work-from-home opportunities than I had imagined. With a lot of patience, I finally landed my first remote job as a part-time, online test scorer. Within a couple of years, I was working full-time from home, and I’ve never looked back.

Although working from home has its challenges, being home has given me the opportunity to schedule my days on my terms and provide me with an overall balance I never felt while working out of my home. Vacations are easier to plan, my productivity has increased, responsibilities around the home are easier to manage, and I love the flexibility working from home provides me and my family.

I’ve been asked so many times by friends and acquaintances how they can begin working from home that I decided to create a site dedicated to helping others find the balance they are so desperately seeking. 

I no longer say there’s got to be a better way. Instead, I’m reminded each day that I found the best way for me to build a career AND have the life I’ve always imagined. It’s your turn to take charge of your life and find a better way, and I’m excited to be able to be with you on this journey. 

All the best,

~Shannon, Virtual Professions